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Medicinal Plant Garden

Title of the Practice: Medicinal Plant Garden

Objective of the Practice:

As our lifestyle is now getting techno-savvy, we are moving away from nature. While we cannot escape from nature because we are part of nature. As herbs are natural products, they are free from side effects, they are comparatively safe, eco-friendly and locally available. Traditionally there are lot of herbs used for the ailments related to different seasons. There is a need to promote them to save the human lives. The main objective of the practice to work for the conservation, propagation, cultivation, research &Ā development, and other activities related to medicinal plants in the State.

The context :

Promotion of cultivation and conservation of Medicinal Plants. To identify the plants to be conserved/cultivated in-situ at the different agro-climatic regions of the State and those to be cultivated /conserved in the fields (Ex-situ). To strengthen the educational system and research on Medicinal Plants in different Universities and Educational Institutions of the State and to open one Bachelor and one Post-Graduate Course on studies of Medicinal Plants. To create optimum awareness and interest amongst the common people about Medicinal Plants. To enrich the cultivatorsā€™ knowledge about the methods of cultivation and its schedules in respect of Medicinal Plants including its processing. To conserve the bio-diversity of Medicinal Plants in Chhattisgarh.

The Practice:

Medicinal plants that hold health benefit factors in its different parts. In Ayurvedic medicine practices, the plants are integrated with medicines to treat a wide variety of health problems and beauty purposes also. Besides, medicinal plants relate to improving your physical and mental benefits too. The main aim of this practice is to know about the cultivation techniques (agro-techniques) including Quality Plant Materials, Irrigation, Fertilizer, Plant protection, post-harvest collection and Processing, which are cost effective in different agro- climatic regions of the State. To create optimum awareness and interest amongst the common people about Medicinal Plants.